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Dear visitors, most welcome to Margaretehof Special 2024!  

Free entrance!

Are you visiting Margaretehof for the first time?
We’re delighted to welcome you to this lovely venue and would hereby like to provide you with some information that could be useful both before and during your visit.


Adress visitors:

Lyngbyvägen 60-94, 297 72 Everöd.
Follow the parking signs and see the map below. 



The areas on the map below describe where the most important areas and facilities are located, such as the parking area, audience area, food court, restrooms, exhibition area etc. If any questions occur about the whereabouts, don’t hesitate to ask! 

We kindly but firmly ask you to not enter any of the areas marked with “red” on the map, if you don’t have a specific reason for entering. We want to keep the horses stable- and field area as calm as possible, for the horses’ sake and wellbeing.

Please make sure to not leave any belongings or trash behind, please look around for your nearest trashcan if you have any waste to get rid of

Do you have a dog? 
Dogs are, of course, also very welcome to be a part of the festivities – just pick up after them make sure to put them on a leash, for everyone’ssafety

We really hope that you will enjoy the competitions, all the different activities, the surroundings and of course yourselves –we wish you very welcome to Margaretehof Special!

Please remember that this is a private area and it’s not allowed to go inside the stables or the private house area.  

Click here for better resolution of the area

 Are you new to Icelandic horse? 

Riders shows their program on a 250m or a 300m oval track. Pacetests are shown at the pacetrack. There is three to five judges who judges depending which class is shown.  

Gæðingakeppni – Focusing on finding the true Gæðingur! And that is easy to explain – its the horse you wish to have in your own stable. The beat, suppleness, self-carriage and the expression of the horse are some thing that judges looks at. The riders show their programs at the 300m ovaltrack and judges gives marks between 5 – 10.  

 Fipo – Beat, rhythm, harmony and self-carriage is some things that the judges looks at. Riders shows different program at the 250m ovaltack and judges gives marks between 0 – 10. 

 You can follow the results, see starting order and much more in the app IceTest NG. It is free to download. 


As a visitor Margaretehof Special you automatically consent to that you may be filmed for livestream and subsequently will be available and viewable on Alendis’ platform, which is accessed via a subscription scheme. 






Margaretehof Special 2024

Everöd, Sweden | May 22-26

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