Food Court


Is it time for some food and you want somewhere to sit? 
In the big tent you will find Fredholmsa kitchen that’s well known for serving restaurant quality food with focus on the details. 
This is also the place where you can find alcoholic beverages. 

In the big tent you can also find a wide range of different activities throughout the week
During the evenings there will be a lot of fun, including live bands and music, and during the days there will be different interesting events, such as interviews and lectures. You’re in for a treat if you want to learn something new and/or just have fun!

På Stället, Istället Foodtruck

Amazingly delicious grilled sandwiches made with a lot of love!
They consist of Lepinja bread, a bread from the Balkans that’s perfect to put on the sandwich grill, and are topped with superb swedish seasonal produce.
We serve breakfast, lunch and of course swedish “fika”! 


Is it time for a cup of coffee or hot chocolate? This is for sure the place to go! 
You can find a variety of hot beverages made with some of the best ingredients that can be found. A must try!  

Pallis Panini Foodtruck

Pallis Panini

Looking for a place with good atmosphere and good food?
At Pallis Paninis you can find a wide range of tasty food such as paninis, baked potato, hamburgers and hot dogs! They Will also offer breakfast through out the week.







Margaretehof Special 2024

Everöd, Sweden | May 22-26

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