Posted on May 10, 2024

We are pleased to offer a series of inspiring lectures and interviews with experts in various fields. Check in the program and be inspired!

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 Lectures Time Schedule

 During the competitation we will offer lectures and interviews from a wide range of professionals. Below- you can see a scheduel for the lectures. All lectures will be held in Swedish


Tent at the food court

Friday 16:00

Veterinary Veronica Sundén,
Boehringer Ingelheim

This lecture will handle the topic of Equine Metabolic syndrome/Insulindysregulation and PPID in the horse. When should we consider it, how should we handle it and what is the latest research?


Saturday 10:30

Vet Linda Andersson, Saxtorps Hästklinik

Rehabilitation of the horse after injury, can we just put it out on pasture? How do we look forward and what can we do to improve the rehabilitationprogress?


Saturday 12:00

Magnús Skúlason

Horse welfare during training and competition


Saturday 13:30

Rebecca Giegold

Balanced showing and the importance of a correctly balanced hoof


Saturday 15:00

Heimir Gunnarsson

Selection of stallion, how do we choose and how do you make an optimal match to your mare? 


Sunday 10:00

Vet Caspar Logan Hegardt, Evidensia Helsingborg

Lameness in Icelandichorses, which problems do we see, how do we investigate the causes and how do we treat it?


Sunday 12:00

Filippa Montan

Filippa will discuss everyday training and interesting thoughts of learning theories


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